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How to find family members:

If the family member you want to assign to your profile already exists at Qure4u, you can easily request them access.

Go to “My Family” and click on “Add a Family Member”.

Enter your family member's name and date of birth. Click 'Send' to forward a request for access to your family members profile. You will not have access to the other profile until your request is accepted.

If your family member doesn't have a profile with Qure4u yet, you will see the image below. Not to worry! You can click Send Invitation to send them a request to create an account with us. Or, click Create Profile to create a Qure4u account for them.

How to accept a family request:

Log into your email account that is associated with your profile. Open the email and click on the link to be directed to the site.

If you wish to remove a family member or block their access to your account you can click the trash bin in the right-hand corner or simply remove the tick in “Allow access to my account” next to the specific family member.

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