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This is how it works...

Your Personal Care Plan

You will be provided with a personal care plan that will help you become or stay healthy. You will be able to closely monitor your health and all recommendations for your age and gender are automatically included in your Care Plan to optimize your health.

Understand your numbers and set goals

Qure4u will give you access to a wide variety of health graphs integrated with more than 80 different health apps and devices. Knowing the numbers of your health data makes it much easier to set goals and improve your overall health.

To-Do list helps you remember

Your personal To-do list allows for you to add reminders for the tasks that you need to complete to achieve your goals. When a task is due you will receive a notification so that you do not forget. Tasks can include measuring your weight, taking your medication and doing your morning stretches. You can add as many tasks as you want.

Share your data with your providers

You can share your data with your medical providers which will give them a better overview of your health and thereby make it easier to adjust your personal Care Plan and assist you in setting goals to improve your overall health.

Get help when in doubt

You have the option to send a secure message to your doctor with any questions or concerns. If it is more convenient for you we also have video calls available, these can be scheduled online.

Achieve your goals and feel better

Our digital tools make it easier for you to understand your health and achieve your goals. Your Personal Care Plan is created to help you better understand your health and thereby improve it. It will provide you with guidelines and support along the way.

What other users say about the app

A great product. highly recommended.
It makes it so easy to monitor my health data

I use this app all the time to keep track of my weight and daily activity.