How it works

Step 1: Give your patients a Self-Care App

Qure4u seamlessly integrates to EMR systems and automatically enrolls the patients on a personal Care Plan tailored to their age, gender and diagnoses. All of the patient’s clinical data is available for them, helping them to understand their goals and follow their progress.

Step 2: Fine-tune Care Plan and Goals

With Qure4u the patients are engaged in their own care and report back to their providers on their progress or concerns. Care coordinators and providers can monitor status and adjust the Care Plan according to the individual’s lifestyle, leading to better adherence and faster results.

Step 3: Support adherence

Automatic notifications remind patients of the task they have to do and teach them good habits. ‘Go to Check-up, Step on the scale, Measure blood pressure, Take medication’ are only a few of the health related tasks that can be included on the Care Plan. The app will be there to support the patients at all times.

Step 4: Identify and monitor patients at risk

Intelligent algorithms help identify patients at risk and care coordinators can monitor the patient’s health status while the patient is at home. If a patient is not following their Care Plan, or if a vital goes out of range, the patient will appear on the care coordinator’s dashboard. Data can then be evaluated remotely and necessary steps discussed with the patient.

Step 5: Help patients faster

With Qure4u you can help your patients quicker and more efficiently by using online communication tools, like secure messaging and video calls. This increases adherence and makes it possible to detect patients that are going in the wrong direction, to then adjust their Care Plan accordingly to get them back on track.

Result: Better treatment outcome

With Qure4u you will get more engaged patients, higher patient satisfaction and better adherence. This will lead to better treatment outcomes, fewer gaps-in-care and a higher income under value-based care.

What Patients Say about Qure4u

I use Qure4u to communicate with my cardiologist, and I'm amazed on how easy it is to use. It's very useful.

I feel better about my health because I know that with Qure4u I always have access to all my health information.